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Austrailers Manufacturing Queensland trailers are manufactured locally from high grade steel giving you long lasting durable trailers which come in various hammertone finishes or galvanised.



We have a large selection of trailers in Brisbane including car trailers, box trailers, tandem box trailers, enclosed trailers, caged trailers, tradesman trailers, tipping trailers, camping trailers and custom trailers to suit your needs.



Austrailers Queensland is a Brisbane based family run company. By dealing directly with the manufacturer you can always be asured the best possible prices on our full range of trailers. Based in Clontarf - 40 mins north of Brisbane. 


Austrailers QLD - Quality Car Trailers For Sale

Car trailers can serve a  multitude of purposes. We have standard sizes and models available, but can also provide custom made car trailers to suit any size and load capacity.

Quality Car Trailers

At Austrailers our car trailers are built to quality not quantity by using 100 x 50 x 3mm Rhs drawbar brought right back to the spring hangers not just 400 mm under the deck & with a centre beam for bracing. Full RHS chassis rails and full width cross members, extra upright post for extra support on our trailers with top rails. On our 2 tonne ATM trailers we use 45 mm solid square axles with ford bearings not hollow axles. Our guards are filled in with sheet metal for protection. We use proper lash ring for your tie downs. Comes standard with LED lights.

We can also cater for any other requirements upon request.


Common lengths for our car trailers are;

  • 12 ft (approx 3600mm),
  • 13 ft (approx 3900mm),
  • 14 ft (approx 4200mm),
  • 15ft (approx 4500mm), and
  • 16ft (approx 4800mm)

Other car trailer lengths can be made to order.
The width can vary, but generally the maximum deck width is preferred, this being 6 feet 6 inches (2000mm).

See or optional extras and upgrade to see how you can customise your car trailer.

Bike Trailers come in two standard sizes;

  • 7'x4' (2060mm x1200mm) - to carry 2 bikes, and
  • 7'x5' (2060mm x1500mm) - to carry 3 bikes,

Other bike trailer sizes can be made to order.

Why not also consider a box trailer with removable bike channels, giving you maximum versatility.

Austrailers Queensland provide you with the reliability, safety and integrity you would expect from an Australian made product and we stand behind our products by offering warranties on all new trailers and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Maximum Load Weight

You need to estimate the maximum load weight so we can determine the appropriate suspension, chassis and braking system required for your car trailer. Accuracy here is critical, as repairs to a damaged trailer due to overload would often exceed the cost of appropriate strengthening at the manufacturing stage.

Durable Car Trailers

Austrailers is a Queensland manufacturer for all types and sizes of car trailers. All our car trailers for sale are manufactured on site and made with high quality steel for strength and durability. Purchase your car trailer directly from the manufacturer and save.

We have a large selection of car trailers for sale in our Brisbane store of various types and sizes. Listed below are some of the features we can offer on our car trailers:

Optional Extras and Upgrades

  • Straight or beaver tail floor,
  • Flat deck trailer or a trailer with rails
  • Painted steel or durra gal steel chassis
  • Slipper or rocker roller suspension.
  • Mechanical override disk brakes.
  • Electric brakes.
  • Mechanical winch and winch post to help with loading and unloading.
  • Rated lash rings for tie downs.
  • Extended slide out ramps.
  • Filled in mudguards.
  • Nose cones.
  • Tyre racks.
  • For a low car you may also have the tilt option.

View our Range of Car Trailers for Sale

If you may have a special requirement we may also custom built to you specification and requirement.

Whether for work or play, Austrailers Queensland can provide you with custom solutions that match your needs. Quality Australian built trailers are the best value providing factory structure warranties, quality seam welds for durability and LED lighting.

Your new trailer whether it be a box trailercar trailer, enclosed trailer or tradesman trailer should provide you with the reliability, safety and integrity you would expect from an Australian made product and Austrailers Queensland stands behind all their products by offering warranties on all new trailers and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Remember buy Australian, from Austrailers Queensland, and support jobs for Aussies!

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